Laurel Creek (Photo by Matt Shank)

About the Association of Mid-Atlantic Aquatic Biologists

AMAAB was founded in 1970 to promote and further the understanding of the Mid-Atlantic region’s aquatic biological communities and ecosystems. AMAAB provides a forum for the exchange of relevant information among state and federal employees, consultants, academics, and citizens during a two-day annual meeting featuring scientific presentations and workshops. AMAAB meetings are traditionally held in late March or early April. The annual meeting is organized on a rotating basis by members representing each state or district in the Mid-Atlantic region: West Virginia, Virginia, ICPRB (District of Columbia), Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. Membership is open to anyone interested in regional aquatic resources, and active membership is maintained via paid registration to the annual meeting. AMAAB is organized and operated exclusively for scientific and educational purposes. The association is not organized or operated for profit and does not participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.

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Rock Run
Rock Run (Photo by Matt Shank)
Creek Sampling
Creek Sampling
Bull Run
Bull Run (Photo by Matt Shank)